•• Activities ••
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•• Fundraising •• 

 Fundraising events are vitally important to Play Care, they help us to buy new equipment for the children as well as helping with subsidised funding for trips and outings. We are ALWAYS overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone. Thank you for your continued support!! 

In April 2019 Play Care were awarded a rating of 'GOOD' from our recent Ofsted Inspection. We are very proud of our rating which goes to show the huge amount of dedication and commitment from all our staff! 

CO-OP local community funding helps make a real difference to local causes.
We are overwhelmed with the generosity of the Burnopfield community who chose Play Care for their ‘Local Cause’. 
A cheque for £2,494.06 was handed over from Burnopfield CO-OP. 
All proceeds raised from fundraising events will be used towards funding trips, coach hire and providing children with new IT equipment.

 Every penny raised goes back in to Play Care. 
We are already planing exciting things to spend this money on!
If you have any ideas, then let us know!